8201 Keele St., Unit 1, Concord, Ontario

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Serving the Leasing and Financing Needs of Individuals and Businesses Across the GTA

With over 120 years of combined automotive experience, we've established an industry reputation founded on strong business ethics and superior customer service.

About Us

As a family run business, we understand the value of building loyalty through superior service and sound financial advice.

Our team is committed to building the trust and confidence of our customers. We pride ourselves in making every effort to understand their leasing requirements, and to provide them with reliable and effective leasing and financing advice.

We're car enthusiasts, first and foremost, and we're passionate about sourcing and customizing vehicles that precisely match what our customers have in mind. Our passion for the automotive industry is complimented by our expertise in leasing and financing, and our unwavering desire to deliver on our promises.

No matter the vehicle you’re looking for, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to simplify the leasing process, and exceed your leasing expectations.

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