Since 1984, GNL has provided industry-leading services to individuals and businesses throughout Ontario, en route to becoming one of the most prominent and largest independent leasing organizations in Canada.


A Brief History

  • 1984

    Joe Grande started with 1 desk and 1 phone and he was a one man operation. He used his relationships with other dealers and his extensive network in the Italian business community to inform them about this new thing called “Leasing” that can really help their businesses grow. Joe was an early pioneer in the leasing game.

  • 1986

    Joe hired Linda and she started working with the Grande Family. Nick would always say “My Dad taught me how to sell, but without Linda I would never have understood what a sale truly meant”. Although Linda is now enjoying retirement there is not a day that goes by where Nick and Peter are not grateful for the influence Linda had on their career. For a small family business to make it to 40 years, it requires a foundation. Linda provided a foundation and structure that is still in place today.

  • 1996

    Joe's son Nick returns from travelling Canada with his guitar and friends after College. He officially begins his career with GNL.

  • 2002

    Joe's son Peter started his career with GNL full-time after he returned home from schooling in Australia.

  • 2006

    Joe officially retired and exited the business, leaving his sons Nick and Peter in charge. Joe invested so much time over the years in his sons' growth and knowledge of the business, leaving them comfortable and ready to take on the next chapter of GNL.

  • 2019

    The team moved into the new office and warehouse location and rebranded to "The New GNL"

The Family Business

Joe’s two sons, Nick and Peter would spend PA days working at GNL, detailing cars and accompanying their dad on many of his sales visits. These days allowed them to experience the business first-hand and learn how their father approached different scenarios. What they noticed most was the attention that he paid to his clients. He always had time to listen to them and was never in a rush – be it via phone or in person. Joe understood that this was a people business and that cars and financing/leasing was just the means in connecting these relationships.

The detailing part of the business played a big role in Nick and Peter’s passion and knowledge of the automotive sector. They got to know the vehicles intimately. They learned the makes, models and options, and translated this knowledge into a better understanding of what these things meant to people.

Nick and Peter both started in the clean up department when school would allow. Nick would work a few days in the shop and a few days in the office per week. Nicks path was a little different than Peters as their father allowed each of his kids to choose their studies and apply it to the company’s growth. Peter focussed on the marketing and systems.

Our Promise

As a family-owned and operated business, we consider our clients family, and we pride ourselves on client-relationships that have lasted decades long. We make sure to understand your unique requirements and provide unrivaled leasing or financing advice.

First and foremost, we’re car enthusiasts—and we’re extremely passionate about sourcing vehicles that match exactly what you’re searching for. By combining our passion for the automotive industry with our leasing/financing expertise, we’re able to provide unparalleled support and service.

Whether it’s personal or business-related, searching for the best deal possible is what we’re known for. For almost 40 years we have continued to help our clients save money (as much as 35% below book value) because we treat every deal as if it’s our own.